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Debentures at Lord's

Debentures are not currently available at Lord's.

However, if you are interested in future debenture opportunities at the Home of Cricket then please get in touch with us using the contact details on the right-hand side of this page.

Upper Mound Stand Debenture area dress code

Debenture Holders and their guests are expected to maintain an acceptable standard of dress while in the Mound Stand Debenture Area. 

To avoid any embarrassment at the entrance to the area, Debenture Holders must ensure that their attire, and that of their guests, is appropriate.  

The minimum standard of dress to enter the Mound Stand Debenture Area is “smart casual” for both sexes.  Jackets are not required, but gentlemen must wear collared shirts (even when a collared sweater or jacket is worn on top) at all times in the stand. Trousers must be tailored, although denim is acceptable.

The following items of clothing are not acceptable:


•    Shorts
•    Shirts which do not have a collar, including crew-neck shirts (polo-neck shirts are acceptable)
•    T-shirts or singlets
•    Torn, ripped or unclean clothing
•    Tracksuits
•    Garments in military camouflage colours


•    Shorts
•    Torn, ripped or unclean clothing
•    Tracksuits
•    Garments in military camouflage colours
•    Bikini tops or tops/dresses showing bare midriff

Bare feet, bare torsos and anyone wearing dilapidated or offensive garments of any kind will not be permitted under any circumstances.

Notwithstanding the dress standards outlined above, MCC reserves the right to refuse entry to any person considered unsuitably attired. 

The Upper Grand Stand Debenture area dress code

There is no dress code for the Upper Grand Stand debenture area - but the General Ground Regulations do apply.

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