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Cricket's Crown Jewels exhibition

The Museum celebrated 200 years of the present Lord's Ground in 2014 with the second part of the Cricket's Crown Jewels exhibition, sponsored by J.P. Morgan.

To accompany the lavish catalogue A Portrait of Lord’s, the exhibition,which will be in place until early Spring 2016, presents profiles of the six most important collectors in the Club’s history: from business tycoon and magician Sir Julien Cthahn to jazz bandleader and booking agent Vic Lewis, mustard magnate Sir Jeremiah Colman to the Master in Charge of Cricket at Winchester for over 40 years Evelyn Rockley Wilson, `gentleman Usher to the Sword of State’ Sir Spencer Cecil Brabazon Ponsonby-Fane to Australia based collector Ross Barrat who continues to visit Lord’s as often as possible. 

The MCC Museum is delighted to exhibit its obsession with cricket and collecting, and this is the first time that the highlights of each have been put on display for the general public.

Cricket's Crown Jewels exhibition can be seen on the Lord's Tour, or by visiting the Museum.

The opening of Cricket's Crown Jewels, part 1

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