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J.P. Morgan Media Centre

The J.P. Morgan Media Centre opened in 1999 and stands fifteen metres above the pitch at Lord’s.

It has accommodated international media for all major matches at Lord’s since it opened, including the 1999 ICC World Cup Final, the 2009 ICC World Twenty20 Final and Test matches featuring every Test-playing nation in the world.

Constructed by ship builders, the J.P. Morgan Media Centre was the first all-aluminum semi-monocoque building in the world, the main shell having been prefabricated in 26 sections in a shipyard before being put together at Lord’s.

In 1999, it was awarded the Stirling Prize, the most valuable and prestigious honour awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

In 2011, The Independent voted it 11th out of the country’s top 50 most impressive buildings, ahead of St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Barbican, St. Martin-in-the-Fields and Tate Modern.

J.P. Morgan and Lord's, More than a Game

Sponsorships like J.P. Morgan's allow MCC to build and enhance its ongoing cricket-related projects across the globe.

MCC activities range from international youth programmes and lessons in sportsmanship to the building of pitches for schools in Afghanistan.

The Club also provides financial and administrative backing of the MCC University cricket academies in England and Wales.

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