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Compton blog: Crunch time

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Somerset batsman Nick Compton is in India for the Nokia Champions League Twenty20 and blogging for

After victory in their opening group game, Somerset's second match against South Australia was a wash out...

"I don't think I've seen anything quite like it before; rainfall the size of cricket balls and a complete wash-out of our first scheduled match in Bangalore against the South Australia Redbacks.

"It has been something like eight days since our last actual cricket match. The downtime is all good but I get the feeling the boys are getting a bit itchy; I know I certainly am.

"There's only so many times you can walk to the local shopping mall until it becomes slightly monotonous.

"I think I've had the chicken wings and salmon salad four times now in my effort to put the curry on the back burner for a while, at least until my stomach returns to some sort of normality.

"I went out for dinner last night with Murali Kartik and his wife Shwetta to a great restaurant and she was saying that Indians have stomachs like stones - they're fit to digest anything.

"That would help if I were Indian but unfortunately a few of the boys are feeling the brunt of Indian cuisine, it can get a bit confused down there. Anyway, enough about my toiletry ablutions and more on life in India and the cricket.

"We've got arguably our biggest game of the tour tonight against the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Big hitting Chris Gayle, Dirk Nannes, and Tillakeratne Dilshan … hopefully we won't see too many of those 'Dilscoops' but we’ve got a lot to contest with.

"I was in the gym yesterday and none other than 'big Chris Gayle' was in there too.

"I can see why his bat resembles a tree trunk and why most of the balls he hits disappear a country mile!

"He wasn't small to put it mildly; he looked like something out of WWF wrestling. I wasn't intimidated at all...

New profession

"I think we've all become professional time wasters on tour and I know a few of the boys could probably write a book on how to amuse yourself in a hotel.

"I managed to get out for a few hours this morning to visit the local 'city market' and I can say for sure it was like nothing I've ever been to before - just absolute chaos.

"Dirk Nannes, who plays for the Royal Challengers, showed me a different side to life here. Amazing to see how resourceful the locals are using any bits of scrap, banana leaves and flowers to make things you'd never believe was possible.

"It was an amazing snapshot view of proper India and how most survive in this place. This was no ordinary market where you flounder about looking at all the pretty little things.

"This was millions of people, flowers, spices, cows, mud, interesting smells, and cars whizzing past so close I was surprised I didn't lose a toe in the process.

"I'm back at the hotel and can genuinely say I'm relieved, the thought of getting out of the hotel was very appealing but now the reality of being in my hotel is about as good as it gets.

MCC and the Nokia CLT20 will combine to promote the MCC Spirit of Cricket campaign in the third domestic global Twenty20 tournament, which takes place across Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata from 23rd September - 9th October.

MCC’s Head of Cricket, John Stephenson, attended the opening ceremony of the competition to oversee the signing of the ‘Captain’s Charter’, which serves to ensure the ten participating teams uphold the Spirit of Cricket's ‘Play Hard, Play Fair’ principles.

It is the third successive year where MCC has partnered the competition. The Club also partners the Indian Premier League.

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