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Taking the Field Project

'Taking the Field' started out as a collaborative project between MCC and the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling at the University of Glamorgan and is now being run by MCC together with partners including University College Falmouth and the Sporting Memories Network.

It aims to create a collection of digital media stories - short oral histories complemented with music, video and photographs - that reflects the importance of grassroots cricket to local communities in both the UK and overseas.

‘Taking the Field’ wants local clubs to tell their own stories using their voices, photographs and ideas. The digital stories will be displayed in the MCC Museum and online.

For more information, please click here to visit the Taking the Field website


The stories cover the cricketing histories of clubs - great players, successful seasons, championship wins and so on - but also the communities around them: the youth teams, fundraising efforts, changing communities.

In simple terms, it documents how much love and effort goes into our grassroots cricket clubs.

So far, ‘Taking the Field’ has worked with 16 clubs from South Wales to Sri Lanka, and created more than 40 digital stories to showcase their heritage.

Through the summer of 2013 we aim to work with even more clubs around the UK.

To do this we need clubs to tell their stories - if your local club wants to get involved and share its history, then please get in touch.

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