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A Century of Cricket Games

A Century of Cricket Games is on display at the MCC Museum from February 2016 to November 2018.

The exhibition brings together twentieth century cricket board, card and dice games with particular focus on unique hand-made games, prototypes, and early edition commercial games.

In its second phase from 2017, the show will include early computer games and other games from the early part of the century, such as pinball.

The exhibition examines domestic play, consumer culture and how games can reflect real life by using player averages and statistics.

Exhibition Highlights

Highlights on display include The Cass Family Board Game on loan from the V&A Museum and popular board games such as Subbuteo Cricket.

In addition to the games themselves are anecdotes and photographs from manufacturers such as Peter Adolph, the inventor of the Subbuteo table games.

See the Exhibition

A Century of Cricket Games can been seen on the famous Lord's Tour.

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Those attending a match at Lord's this summer can also visit the MCC Museum on the day of the match.

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