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Hunt expects 'nippy' Lord's pitch

MCC Head Groundsman, Mick Hunt, says he's expecting the seamers to shine on the pitch he's prepared for the npower Test between England and India.

"Initially, when we first started preparation for the pitch - about 12 to 13 days ago - it was magnificent. Probably about as good as I've seen a pitch here." said Hunt, speaking exclusively to

"We'd had rain water on it, which is much better than irrigation, it percolates through the pitch so much better.

"The first time we rolled it we had a surface straight away 'bang' it was going to consolidate nicely - it was all looking perfect...

"And then Mother Nature decided to kick us in the teeth!

"Since then it's been uphill. I've never known a period like the last eight days - when we've had so much rain. At times it's been monsoon. Other times just prolonged, heavy rain.

"If it's not that it's overcast and cold so we haven't seen the sun.

Weather forecast

"That said, we've done a magnificent job to get in this condition. We had the roller on it yesterday and the sun was out - the pitch looked white.

"It's firm but it's not as firm as we'd like it to be because we haven't had the sun to bake it.

"All in all - it could be a lot, lot worse. It still looks a very good pitch. It won't be as quick as we'd thought it might be but it'll nip around a bit.

"The forecast is not as bad as some people have said. All week they've said 'Thursday's going to be horrendous.' but it's not that bad.

"I think we'll be extremely lucky to get through the whole day unscathed but I think we'll play more than we spend off the field.

"Last time India were here I got an award but I don't think we'll have that this time... hopefully not anyway!"

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