How to add friends & family

Friends & Family - How To Guide

IMPORTANT - Please ensure that each person you wish to add to your 'friends and family' group has a account and understands that by becoming a member of your friends and family group and allowing you to apply for tickets on their behalf, they are giving up the ability to apply for tickets for any other day in the 2024 general public ballot.

As the creator of the Friends & Family group, you become the lead customer and control the applications for everyone in the group.

Please ensure this is clearly understood by all those being invited, before following the below.


- Log-in to 

- Hover over ‘MY PROFILE’ in the top-right-hand corner of the page and select ‘PERSONAL DETAILS’ from the drop-down menu. 



- Under the 'My friends and family' heading, select 'Manage my Relationships'.


- From the pop-up menu, select 'Create a Relationship'


- Under ‘Relationship Type', select ‘friendship' from the drop-down menu, as below: 


- The rest of the boxes will fill automatically. Select ‘OK’ to continue. 


- Enter the email address of the person you wish to add to your friends and family group.  

- This will send an email to them to confirm that they wish to be added.  

- Once they have confirmed, they will be added to your friends and family group. Please note, this email address must already be registered to a account. 


- You will know if you have successfully requested to invite someone, using their correct email address associated to an MCC account, if you see the below.

- Please use this as an opportunity to verify the email address you have entered. 


- The person that you wish to add to your friends and family group will receive an email, as below.  

- They should select the relevant option to confirm/reject the relationship. 

If you wish to remove someone, you may do so at any time, by selecting ‘Manage my Relationships’ and then selecting ‘delete’ next to the relevant account. 


To add your friends and family, please use the link below.  
Click Here