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Indoor cricket matches

Looking for a team-bonding experience? A morale booster for your staff? Or just a great evening’s entertainment doing something active, fun and different?

Come and play Indoor Cricket at Lord’s, in the MCC Cricket Academy - just minutes from the centre of London.


Teams can be anything from 5-8 a-side so any number of people between 10 and 16 is enough for a game.

Players are paired against one another based on ability so there’s no danger of a serious mismatch (or serious injury, to pride or otherwise). Teams can be mixed gender, mixed ability or mixed however you see fit.


The cost is from £440 for a 16 over game (eight-ball overs), which generally takes two hours. This includes the use of half the hall (four nets) and also includes the services of a scorer / umpire.

You can also run two games simultaneously, side-by-side, from £880.

We can set out an order of play or help you run a mini-tournament as per your requirements.


  • The MCC Cricket Academy will provide the indoor ball and stumps. Players need to provide their own equipment: bats, pads, gloves etc. (Kit can be shared between teams/players)
  • The MCC Cricket Academy has the 'Supergrasse' playing surface - especially for cricket
  • Parking right next to the Cricket Academy (subject to matches and other events at Lord’s)
  • Fully stocked Bar/Café serving alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages and sandwiches, crisps, paninis etc.
  • Separate male/female/kids Changing Rooms
  • For tournaments, Flipcharts can be provided to chart the progress of the event

Settle some scores

Do you work in a larger office? Why not get four or more teams together? You can book the entire MCC Cricket Academy and run a tournament over 4-5 hours. Contact the Cricket Academy for more details: Email the Academy

Accounts v Marketing; PR v Maintenance or Management v The Rest - settle some old scores, make some new ones and have some fun that will actually do your fitness (and waistline) some good too.

And when you’re done, mull over your victory or defeat, debate your off drive against the receptionist’s off-spin and make merry in the Cricket Academy Bar.

Extra details

  • Dress code is cricket whites (predominantly white sports kit)
  • Rules of the Indoor Game are explained by the scorer/umpire at the start of the game
  • Catering costs are additional and must be pre-booked
  • MCC Cricket Academy bar can be pre-paid or opened as a pay-bar on arrangement
  • All bookings are subject to availability and must be paid for in advance
  • Why not make it a full day-out? Add a Tour of Lord's to your package

Please note: there is no parking on match days and parking is subject to availability on all other days.

To book or find out more, please call 020 7616 8612 or email

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