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TrueMan Bowling Machine

The TrueMan bowling simulator is the latest technology from Bola, who are the bowling machine specialists.

The LED screen gives an outline of the bowler, which allows the batsman to undergo his usual routine and trigger movements in a more realistic way.

Furthermore, the machine, which is operated wirelessly via a tablet, can alter its line, length or swing with no obvious clues to the batsman, making it more realistic than facing an older style bowling machine, where short balls particularly were easy to predict.

It certainly replicates match conditions, particularly with the random nature that the balls can be bowled.

Net sessions with the TrueMan Bowling Machine

Net sessions with the TrueMan Bowling Machine and a coach are available from £99 per hour.

To book, please call 020 7616 8612 or email

You can also buy TrueMan vouchers online from the Lord's Shop - a perfect gift for the cricket player in your life.

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