COVID-19 – Spectator Safety Guidance and Advice

Posted: 13 May 2021

MCC is delighted to be welcoming back spectators to the Home of Cricket.

We have worked very closely with the relevant authorities to ensure the Ground is safe for spectators and that we comply with all the appropriate regulations from the UK Government, Public Health England, The Sports Ground Safety Authority and Westminster City Council.

Safety is our priority and we have made a number of changes in the Ground to enable all visitors to enjoy their visit with confidence.

Alongside these physical changes we also have COVID-19 spectator arrangements (in addition to our usual Ground Regulations) that we ask all ticket holders (and those in your household or social bubble) to read and adhere to in order to keep safe at Lord’s and protect those around you.


  • You must not visit the Ground if you feel unwell before you leave the house. No one will be allowed to enter Lord’s if they (or anyone in their household) have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been told to self-isolate within the last 10 days.

  • Travel sensibly and safely to the Ground and minimise use of public transport. If you are using public transport, where possible avoid peak times, wear a face covering unless exempt and use hand sanitiser. Follow the Transport for London (TFL) Safer Travel Guidance for Passengers. Baker Street, Maida Vale, Warwick Avenue and St John’s Wood stations are all in walking distance.

  • There is no parking in Lord’s and spaces are limited in the immediate area. Please check local car parks for availability and opening/closing times.

  • Use the correct entry gate as specified on your ticket. You will not be allowed to access via any other gate. Only those with a valid ticket will be allowed to enter the Ground.

  • Arrive as close to your printed ticket time as possible. On arrival at the gate, please follow the instructions from the stewards and St John Ambulance staff regarding necessary COVID-19 procedures as well as our usual security checks.

  • All visitors will be asked to scan the NHS Test and Trace App and complete the required details on arrival at the Ground. Internet-enabled devices will be available for use for those who do not have the ability to do this. You can expect to be searched on entry to Lord’s during 2021.

  • For the safety of all visitors, the Ground has been divided into three zones and we ask visitors to adhere to the following:

- Stay within the zone in which your seat is located

- Use the entry/exit gate as indicated on your ticket and within your zone

- You can only use the food and drink outlets and other facilities within your zone.

- Please follow the signage and guidance from our stewards

  • All visitors must keep a safe distance away from others aiming for two metres wherever possible. Household and/or bubble groups should stay together and minimise interaction with others.

  • Please observe and use the one-way systems in place, take notice of all other safety signage and advice and follow the directions and guidance of our stewards.

  • Please wear your face covering when moving around the Ground, including entry and exit, getting to and from your seat and when using the food/drink and other facilities (unless you are exempt).

  • Take particular care on staircases and gantries/walkways and try to minimise passing others. 

  • Always be aware and considerate of others around you, including other spectators, staff and stewards.

  • Please be patient and do not enter busy areas. If going indoors, you must wear your face covering (unless exempt) and use the hand sanitiser.

  • Try to limit your movement around the Ground during the day and choose a safe time to visit a bar or food outlet when it might be less busy. Remember, you can bring in your own food and drink into the Ground as per the normal General Ground Regulations.

  • If an emergency occurs, please follow the instructions of the stewards and security staff.

  • Spectators who are accompanied by children, are responsible for supervising them at all times and should follow social distancing guidance.

  • Keep to your allocated seat and do not change to another or move outside of your bubble group to sit with others. Stewards will be monitoring each seating area throughout the day.

  • Be careful when passing others to get to your seat and if necessary be patient and wait for others to move/be ready for you to pass. Wear your face covering while moving in the stand (unless exempt).

  • Enjoy the match, but be considerate and aware of people around you when celebrating. Please do not shout, sing or chant.

  • You do not need to wear a face covering while in your seat although it is strongly recommended (this is subject to change, please follow guidance from stewards/signage).

  • The players are under strict restrictions to maintain a COVID-safe environment within teams. Please do not approach any player, ask for an autograph or a request a selfie.

  • The Pavilion is being used for the safety of players and match officials and therefore Member admission will be limited and maybe different depending on each match day.

  • Members will need a ticket (free of charge) and be allocated a seat.

  • Members will not be permitted to queue outside the Grace Gate or in Wellington Place.

  • Please observe signage and guidance when using the Members’ Shop.

  • Certain catering facilities and bars are open. Please adhere to normal social distancing measures when queuing and using these facilities. Once you have your food/drink, please move back to your seat and do not cause congestion on the concourse.

  • Always use the food/drink and toilets closest to you and are in your allocated zone. Follow the signage for the closest facilities.

  • Please dispose of your rubbish and recycling in the bins provided, so others do not have to.

  • Toilets will be cleaned on a regular basis. If you see something that requires attention, please safely inform a member of staff.

  • Please observe occupancy signage for toilets and if necessary wait outside of the toilet building.

  • All individuals should maintain good hand hygiene, washing their hands correctly, and regularly, with soap and water and avoiding touching their face, or handles, railings etc. whenever possible.

  • Make use of hand sanitiser stations as you pass by them, and on entry and exit of indoor areas.

  • Please observe respiratory etiquette and always cover your mouth if needing to cough or sneeze.

  • If you feel unwell with any COVID-19 symptoms, please safely and sensibly inform a steward or member of St John Ambulance and follow their guidance. Details of COVID-19 Isolation Policy are available when booking.

• Clearly designated one-way routes have been implemented across all restaurants to manage flow in front and back of house areas.

• There will be staggered/designated arrival times for guests and reduced capacities in all venues. Restaurants will comply with social distancing guidelines, with tables and chairs positioned according to the present guidelines.

• Hand sanitiser stations will be available at key points throughout our restaurants.

• Our staff will work in assigned groups to reduce risk. We have adapted service methods including table service only for seated meals.

• We have modified our menus to ensure the safe production and delivery of food. As expected, we have a 5* food safety rating and commitment to the highest standards of food safety and hygiene

• QR codes are available for each restaurant to allow guests to view the food and drink menus online.

  • Always follow the instructions from the stewards when leaving as departures from seating bays may be staggered to help reduce congestion at exit gates.
  • Please leave the Ground sensibly and safely, using the allocated gate in your zone. If an area looks over-crowded please be patient and observe social distancing guidelines and stewards instructions.

  • Please take all of your belongings and deposit rubbish/recycling in the bins provided or take it home with you.

  • Please travel home safely and minimise use of public transport. If using transport, please follow the guidance from TFL at all times.

  • So we can serve you more efficiently and hygienically, Lord’s will be operating a card only policy at our bars, restaurants and shops. 
  • Debit/credit card payments, and mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted at all tills around the Ground.
  • Please help MCC to reduce plastic waste at Lord’s. Beer and cider is provided in reusable cups. Please do not throw these cups in the general waste. Instead, deposit them in the Recup collection points located close to each bar. You will receive a fresh pint cup with each new drink. We have removed the £1 deposit on these cups for your ease and safety. Please help us, in return, by depositing your used cups at the collection points. Since adopting the Recup scheme we’ve stopped over 1.5 million single use plastic cups ending up in landfill.  
  • For safety reasons, water refill points are not available. Canned water is provided free of charge at designated points in each zone and at all bars.

Please note that this guidance is in addition to the General Ground Regulations which remain in force. If you are attending with other members of your household or social bubble, please make sure they have read and understood these guidelines.

We hope you have a great day at Lord's. Please remember that everyone has a responsibility to ensure events happen safely. Breaches of this guidance will be treated seriously.

COVID-19 Ground Zone Map