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MCC appoints CEO search firm

MCC has appointed Spencer Stuart, one of the world's leading executive search consulting firms, to find the fifteenth Secretary & Chief Executive of the Club.

Will Dawkins of Spencer Stuart will oversee the search for Keith Bradshaw’s successor. He was instrumental in introducing the Australian to MCC in early 2006.

Oliver Stocken, the Chairman of MCC, said:“Keith Bradshaw’s open and positive approach has helped to make Lord’s a very friendly and welcoming place.

"He has been a good communicator – very popular with MCC Members – and has ensured that the Club continues to play a central role in the worldwide game.

"He has also, very importantly, been working with the England and Wales Cricket Board with a view to securing an attractive programme of major matches at Lord’s over the next five years.

“The next Secretary & Chief Executive needs to build on that impressive record by focusing on the development of Lord’s, protecting the reputation of MCC, growing the Lord’s brand in the UK and abroad, and building the Club’s revenues for investment in the game.”


Spencer Stuart will search internationally to find the next MCC Secretary & Chief Executive.

They will adopt a rigorous approach, including executive-assessment testing, so as to introduce a shortlist of candidates to the group of MCC Committee members appointed to manage the process.

Led by Oliver Stocken (MCC Chairman), the group will also include Christopher Martin-Jenkins (President), Justin Dowley (Treasurer), Phillip Hodson (President Designate), Anthony Wreford (Trustee) and Mike Griffith (Chairman of Cricket).

Although there is no strict timetable for this appointment, ideally the successful candidate will be identified within the next three or four months and take office at the start of the 2012 cricket season.

Keith Bradshaw, who stood down for family reasons, will shortly be handing over his duties but will continue to be available in an advisory capacity until the end of the year.

Colin Maynard, the current Deputy Secretary, will serve as Acting Secretary & Chief Executive.

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