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MCC statement on corruption in cricket

MCC World Cricket Committee (WCC) Chairman Mike Brearley has underlined the Club's stance against cricket corruption after Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif were found guilty of their part in a "spot-fixing" scam.

Pakistan cricketers Butt, 27, and Asif, 28, were on trial at Southwark Crown Court in London on charges of conspiracy to cheat at gambling and conspiracy to accept corrupt payments, concerning their part in the scam in 2010.

Mohammad Amir, 19, had earlier pleaded guilty to the charges in a pre-trial hearing in September. This was not reported before the trial.

Both had denied the charges but former Pakistan captain Butt and fast bowler Asif were both unanimously found guilty of conspiracy to cheat.

The jurors also found Butt guilty of conspiracy to accept corrupt payments by a majority verdict of ten to two.

And after further deliberations, Asif was also found guilty on the conspiracy to accept corrupt payments charge.

'Ongoing problem'

Brearley, who succeeded Tony Lewis as Chairman of MCC's WCC on October 1, reiterated the position on corruption in the game.

"MCC – and its World Cricket Committee – believe that corruption is the biggest danger facing any sport, including cricket," said the former England captain.

"The Club believes that strong measures should be taken along the lines of deterrence, education, investigation and prevention at domestic and international cricket levels.

"It is also aware of the tentacles of menace and threat that can entrap young players.

"The WCC plans to consider the issue again at its meeting in Cape Town in early January.

"Corruption is an ongoing problem that needs persistence and vigour in all responsible bodies and leaders in the game in trying to combat it."

The trio were charged after incidents at the Lord's Test between England and Pakistan in August last year, after a tabloid newspaper alleged they had conspired to bowl deliberate no balls.

On Thursday 3 November all three guilty players, as well as their agent Mazhar Majeed, were sentenced to jail terms ranging from six months to 32 months. Butt is appealing his sentence.

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