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MCC’s eLearning programme on the Laws of Cricket uses photos, videos and animations to help explain what can be a complicated subject. 

It concentrates on the teaching of Laws knowledge and can be accessed in two ways, both of which are free of charge. 

For a more engaging experience, you can click on the “find out more” link below.  This will enable your progress through the training modules to be tracked, so you can pick up where you left off.  It also enables you to take a ‘basic’ or ‘intermediate’ level exam and provides a certificate with your score, which you can share with friends or pass to your local officials’ association as proof of your competence.

find out more96

However, if you just want to use the resource to brush up on one or two particular Laws, then you can access the information without registration by clicking any of the modules in the pictures below.

Laws 1-12 'Setting up the game' eLearning Module:

laws1 12

Laws 13-16 ' Innings and Result' eLearning Module: 

laws13 16

Laws 17-23 'The Over, Scoring Runs, Dead Ball & Extras' eLearning Module:

laws17 23

Laws 24-28 'Players, Substitutes, Runners & Practice' eLearning Module:

laws24 28

Laws 29-40 'Appeals & Dismissals' eLearning Module: 

laws29 40

Laws 41-42 'Unfair Play' eLearning Module: 

laws41 42

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