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Law 25 changes - Wide Ball

Law 25

Changes | Reason for change


Changes to the Law are in italics

25.8.    Out from a Wide

When Wide ball has been called, neither batsman shall be out under any of the Laws except 35 (Hit wicket), 37 (Obstructing the field), 38 (Run out) or 39 (Stumped).

Reason for the change

It is no longer possible to be out Handled the ball off a Wide and there are now only four possible methods of dismissal off a Wide ball.

If the striker handles the ball while playing (at) it, it cannot be out of his reach.   The delivery cannot qualify as a Wide.  

Now that Handled the ball is a dismissal restricted solely to when he is playing (at) the ball, it is therefore not possible for the striker to be out Handled the ball if the delivery is a Wide. 

Handled the ball has therefore been deleted from the ways of dismissal possible from a Wide.

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