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Law 30 changes - bowled

Law 30

Changes | Reason for change


Changes to the Law are in italics

30.1(b)   Notwithstanding (a) above he shall not be out Bowled if before striking the wicket the ball has been in contact with any other player or an umpire.  He will, however, be subject to Laws 37 (Obstructing the field), 38 (Run out) and 39 (Stumped).

Reason for change

Handled the ball has been removed from the list of methods of dismissal after the ball has made contact with any other player or umpire.

Law 30.1(b) states that once the ball has been touched by a fielder or an umpire, the striker will not be out Bowled and lists the ways in which he could be out.  However, the striker is not allowed to play the ball once it has been touched by a fielder or an umpire.  He can therefore not be out Handled the ball, since this can happen only when he is playing (at) the ball.  

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