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Law 39 changes - Stumped

Law 39

Changes | Reason for change


Changes to the Law are in italics

39.3.    Not out Stumped

(a)    Notwithstanding 1 above, the striker will not be out Stumped if he has left his ground in order to avoid injury.

(b)    If the striker is not out Stumped he may, except in the circumstances of either of Laws 2.8(e)(i) or 38.2(b)(ii), be out Run out if the conditions of Law 38 (Run out) apply.

Reason for the changes

Law 39.3 (Not out Stumped) – in (a), the wording has been amended for more clarity; and in (b), a rewording has taken place to amend cross references of other amended Laws, as discussed under Law 2.8 (above) with the effect of a No ball on a would-be stumping when the striker has a runner and under Law 38.2 when he does not have a runner.

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