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Law 3 in Action

A Fitness of conditions for play


If there has been an interruption of play because of rain, can play be resumed while it is still raining? Could a match be started in rain?


The major consideration for the umpires will be the condition of the surface, especially for the bowlers’ run ups and the batsmen’s footholds, but also in the outfield. Whatever their judgment of that, it is unlikely that they would regard playing in the rain as suitable conditions. If, however, both umpires consider that the conditions of the ground, of the weather or of the light are neither unreasonable nor dangerous, there is no reason in Law to forbid play, even in light rain, if both captains agree that they wish play to resume or to commence.

[Law reference: 3.8, 3.9]

Both captains wanting to continue


What happens if the umpires suspend play for bad light, but both captains want to continue?


The wishes of the captains, to play or not to play, are not a factor for the umpires to consider.

Law 3.8 (a) states 'It is solely for the umpires together to decide whether either:

conditions of ground, weather or light or: exceptional circumstances mean that it would be
dangerous or unreasonable for play to take place'.

And - Law 3.9 (c) concludes with '... Immediately the umpires together agree that conditions are no longer dangerous or unreasonable they shall call upon the players to resume play'.

[Law reference: 3.8, 3.9]

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