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Munich CC (start 12.00, 40 overs)


21 August 2021 12:00

Match type:

Men's MCC


Munich CC
The Hirschanger Ground
Englischer Garten


The ‘Hirschanger’ ground is located at the south-east corner of the English Garden (Himmelreichstr 5.). Our home matches are played exclusively on SATURDAYS from 12:00pm. Click here for PRECISE Google Maps directions to the ground It is a 5 minute walk away from the Chinese tower beer garden, or 10 minutes walk (north) from the Lehel U-Bahn station (U4/U5). The nearest tram stop is at Paradiesstrasse, opposite the ground (tram 17 direction Effnerplatz). Paid street parking is available but rather limited. Try Lerchenfeldstrasse, Seeaustrasse or Himbselstrasse. You’ll need to feed the meters on Saturdays, too. (But for Sundays and public holidays you’d be off the hook. But that doesn’t really matter as we only play on Saturdays) Training of the left elbow then resumes after nets at Fräulein Grüneis or in the Chinese Tower beer garden just up the road – with the obligatory Friday evening mass or 3. Until stumps are drawn when darkness and total lack of sobriety prevails. Excellent pre-match conditioning guaranteed.