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Sir Paul Getty's XI (start 12.00, 40 overs)


9 August 2020 12:00

Match type:

Men's Secretary


Wormsley Cricket Ground
The Wormsley Estate
HP14 3YE


Directions. Leave M40 at Junction 5; if coming from Oxford turn right, if coming from London turn left, towards Ibstone. The entrance to the estate is approximately a quarter of a mile from the motorway, consisting of wrought iron gates set into flint pillars and by a thatched property. Please follow the instructions offered by the security staff and adhere to the speed limit of 20mph whilst inside the grounds of the estate. The cricket ground is an approximate 5-7min drive from the estate entrance. All players, officials, guests and members accept that they attend Wormsley at their own risk Players, officials and guests may arrive at Wormsley no earlier than 11.30 and should depart by 19.00 (subject to the match having finished at that time or within 30 minutes after the end of play) No entry to the Estate will be permitted for any player, official or guest after 13.00 Playing times will be: 1st Innings 12.00 to 15.00 Break between innings: 15.00 to 15.30 2nd Innings 15.30 to 18.30 The nets and practice area will not be available on Match days The inside of the Pavilion will remain ‘out of bounds’ at all times, except as required for First Aid Social distancing protocols should be observed at all times Hand sanitisation units will be provided in a number of locations around the ground Each side will be allocated space on one side the Pavilion balcony to sit in a socially distant fashion, while waiting to bat The central balcony area of the pavilion will be reserved for a single scorer (or two scorers from the same family bubble) No more than one person (or two members of the same family bubble) will be permitted in the scorebox A small scoreboard will be provided by the pavilion for those who do not wish to use the main scorebox Unfortunately, we will not be providing any form of hospitality this year – attendees are asked to bring their own food and drink (including any refreshments to be consumed on the field of play) A temporary ‘Boundary Room’ structure will be in place for the 2020 season Within this open structure, each team will be allocated space to leave their equipment during play. This structure, and the allocated space within it is not intended to be, nor should it be used as a changing room Social distancing protocols should be observed at all times under the cover of this temporary structure, which will provide cover for the players, guests and officials should the weather turn inclement Men’s and Women’s toilets are provided, attached to the Boundary Room. These toilets will be deep cleaned before and after every cricket day – hand sanitation facilities will be provided at the entrance to and within both toilet units Over and above the points summarised above, the guideline as set out in the “ECB Return to Cricket Plan for Step 4” must be followed at all times – these include but are not limited to player hand sanitation during the game, the non-sharing of equipment between players, the fact that only the umpires should touch the wickets and replace the bails, that no item should be handed to the umpire, that the fielding captain is responsible for sanitising the ball, that the return of the ball to the bowler must be by the most direct route to avoid unnecessary touching of the ball, etc.