Countdown to 2021

Join the Community team from Lord’s Cricket Ground as we set you 21 Challenges over 21 Days

Between 11th and 31st December, we’ll release a new challenge every day for you to take on. Take it on at school or at home, with your friends and your family, or even by yourself. For every challenge you complete, enter the draw to win one of 21 prizes^.

Every time you complete your daily challenge, don’t forget to log your entry!

All of these Challenges can be completed indoors or outdoors, but please make sure the space you are using is clear and safe for your activity, and that your equipment is safe for the space you are in. Be as creative as you want - examples like swapping a ball for a pair of socks, or a bat for an empty plastic bottle, will help you stay safe at all times. Please ask an adult for help to make sure your activity is safe.

^ Winners will be chosen at random in 2021. Anyone is able to participate, however prize draw entries are only available for pupils attending participating primary schools in Westminster or invited to take part by MCC Community. Data gathered in entry forms is for the purpose of prize distribution and school participation only.