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From classroom to playground

From classroom to playground

The Spirit of Cricket is best demonstrated during competitive matchplay.

We would like your school to organise a competition which allows the children to put into practice what has been learnt in the classroom.

In addition, we would encourage you to ensure that all matches are scored and umpired, perhaps by the children, so that children get used to this important facet of the game.

Within your school you can determine the format or type of game you wish to play. We provide information here for Kwik Cricket.

Kwik Cricket

Kwik cricket is designed for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11) and provides a simple, accessible introduction to the game.

It is normally played in pairs in either six or eight-a-side matches, which take around 30 minutes to play.

The game includes all facets of regular cricket and allows children to learn new skills, apply them appropriately and evaluate individual and team performance within an active high energy team game.

Download a Kiwk Cricket six-a-side scoresheet

Download a Kwik Cricket eight-a-side scoresheet

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