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MCC to trial 5IVES cricket

MCC will trial a new format of cricket next month when MCC Universities take on MCC Young Cricketers in two separate games of 5IVES.

The matches will be played at Radlett Cricket Club on Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 September.

5IVES is a concept which offers an alternative form of limited-overs cricket.

The distinguishing feature is that both teams bat in multiple ‘innings splits’ where the ‘not out’ batsmen at the end of an innings split resume batting at the start of their side’s next innings split.

5IVES also removes the need for Duckworth Lewis and reduces the importance of the toss.

South African inventor, Dick Wood, presented the idea to the MCC World Cricket Committee in July.

John Stephenson, MCC Head of Cricket, explains MCC’s involvement:

"After listening to Dick’s presentation to the MCC World Cricket Committee at Lord’s, we were keen to take the next step and see for ourselves how 5IVES operates.

"A key part of MCC’s remit is to provide research and development for the good of the game and, given our independence in world cricket, we are well placed to conduct such a trial.

"We look forward to seeing how 5IVES works in practice it may succeed, it may not, but we won’t know until we’ve given it a go."

'Energy & atmosphere'

Dick Wood, who will be present at Radlett CC for the trials, puts forward the case for 5IVES: "What cricket needs is excitement and tension throughout the game, not just in the closing stages.

"To achieve this you must be able to see who is winning now. 5IVES Cricket is the ultimate head-to-head limited-overs cricket contest.

"You can see who is winning the race, not a race against the clock. It brings the game alive creating the energy and atmosphere that sports fans crave, without compromising the integrity of the game."

Richard Wood’s South African compatriot, cricket administrator Dr. Ali Bacher, said:

"5IVES is a unique, innovative and well thought out limited overs cricket product which has the potential to excite cricket lovers and players worldwide, without tampering with the basics of the game.

"The 50-over trial matches will be contested by two MCC teams who compete in the Second XI Championship.

"Many of the participants are also trialing with first-class counties in the hope of being signed as professionals for 2011."

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