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Laws of cricket set to change

MCC Members have voted through a number of changes to the Laws of Cricket at the Club’s Annual General Meeting held at Lord’s.

Having been successfully passed, the 2010 edition of the Laws will come into effect around the world on 1 October.

    Explanation of proposed changes to the laws (19 KB)

The major changes proposed by MCC’s Laws sub-committee (see left) would see umpires no longer "offering the light" to batsmen under grey skies; at least one umpire being present at the toss; and a limit on bowlers practising their deliveries on the field of play in order to warm-up.

Laws will also be amended to clarify: the boundary catch ruling; where a bowler’s front foot may land during their delivery; and penalties imposed on batsmen who damage the pitch.

Finally, MCC Members have agreed to cede authority on passing new Laws of Cricket to the MCC Laws sub-committee and main Committee.

Scrutiny & debate

MCC’s Laws and Universities Manager, Fraser Stewart, said: "MCC takes its role as Guardian of the Laws and Spirit of Cricket very seriously and is always mindful of its need to adapt to changes in the modern game.

"We are able to call on some of the most knowledgeable and passionate Laws enthusiasts around the world.

"As a result, the proposed amendments to the Laws of Cricket reflect hours of thorough scrutiny and debate in order to ensure their relevance for cricketers of all ages and abilities, whether it’s for a village team or an international Test side."

The 2010 Edition of the Laws of Cricket will be published by MCC and is available in booklet format or on a memory stick (at a cost of £10).

Alternatively, the Laws can be accessed for free via the Lord’s websiteMCC Spirit of Cricket.

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