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That's a six madam!

Paul Stirling and Frances Mossman with the ball
Paul Stirling and Frances Mossman with the ball

Middlesex batsman Paul Stirling was reunited with the ball that he hit out of Lord's in a Friends Life Twenty20 match this season, after a fan who left the Ground early picked it up.

Suddenly this ball landed right in front of me

Frances Mossman, a 64-year-old from Bayswater, was at her first ever t20 game but unfortunately had to leave early as she was suffering from pain in her knee.

Just as she had got outside and was walking down St John's Wood Road, Frances heard an almighty roar as Stirling's herculean effort went sailing over the Mound Stand.

"I realised somebody had hit a six and suddenly this ball landed right in front of me," she said.

"A taxi driver pulled up with a full cab and as I was picking it up, I saw them all smiling and they all said in unison, 'that's a six madam!'"

"I was thrilled to get it, it was a kind of compensation for having to leave the match early!"

In a game which Middlesex won't want to revisit after being beaten by 86 runs - Stirling's stunning effort was a silver lining for the Panthers.

It makes the young Irish batsman the only player to clear the Mound Stand - which stands at 22 meters - since it was rebuilt in 1987.

"I didn't really think it would come back," the 22-year-old told

"But here you go, there it is. Thankfully it [the ball] bounced in front of Frances."

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