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Fraser: Situation was unsatisfactory

Fraser: Situation was unsatisfactory

Angus Fraser, MCC Committee Member and Steven Finn's coach at Middlesex, tells Lord's TV he is satisfied with the decision to make the bowler disturbing the stumps at his end a No ball.

Fraser was reacting to the announcement from MCC that a new No ball Law will be in place from 1 October 2013 for instances where the bowler disturbs the stumps in his delivery stride.

Watch: Angus Fraser discusses the new No ball Law

"I think the current situation [prior to the Law change] is unsatisfactory," he told Lord's TV.

"You leave yourself open to potentially embarrassing situations."

The former England fast bowler felt that the original decision to use the Dead ball Law for instances where Finn disturbed the stumps was the wrong one, but said that now the 'Genie is out of the bottle' on the issue, the right move had been made.

"Something needed to be done," he continued.

"You can say 'lets leave it as it is, it's not been a problem for the last x-hundred years.'

"But we've reached a situation now where every batsman would complain about being distracted.

"I'd rather not see the bowler punished but... I think the fact that it becomes a no-ball and the batsman does not lose the benefits he could have got from that delivery is correct."

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