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Richardson welcomes new law

Richardson welcomes new law

ICC Chief Executive Dave Richardson has welcomed MCC's introduction of a new No ball Law.

Speaking after the Club's World Cricket committee meeting in New Zealand, Richardson – who has sat on the committee as an ICC observer since its inception in 2006 before becoming a fully-fledged member in 2009, and who also sits on the Laws sub-committee – said the Law made "good logical sense."

"If you overstep too far, it’s a No ball; if you go too wide, it’s a No ball; and now, if you go to close to the stumps and dislodge the bails, it’s a No ball," he told Lord's TV.

The MCC Committee announced the Law would be amended last week, after taking recommendations from the Club's Laws sub-committee and Cricket committee.

Watch: Richardson on the new law

All new codes and editions of the Laws of cricket come into effect on October 1 in any given year.

However, Richardson confirmed that ICC would introduce a playing regulation – most likely in April – to cover international matches until October.

Former South African batsman Barry Richards, who averaged more than 72 in his Test career and who sits with his compatriot on the World Cricket committee, agreed that the new Law brought clarity to the problem.

Richards said: “If it becomes an issue on the field, it’s not good for the game.

"MCC has looked at it very carefully and asked 'what is the solution to this?' and come up with the immediate call of a No ball which is an ideal solution for the bowler who now knows he can’t do it [break the wicket] and it doesn't impede the batsman either…it's a good solution."

MCC Head of Cricket John Stephenson said the decision was further proof of the Club being a strong custodian of the Laws of the game.

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