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A Portrait of Lord's: 200 years of cricketing history

A Portrait of Lord's: 200 years of cricketing history

A new book written by MCC Curator Adam Chadwick details 200 years of history at Lord’s Cricket Ground and paints a fresh portrait of the world’s most celebrated cricket ground.

Delving into the private vaults at Lord’s, the story draws on the fantastic array of original treasures belonging to MCC, ahead of the celebrations of 200 years of the current Lord's Ground in 2014. 

From WG Grace to Brian Lara, and Thomas Lord to Sachin Tendulkar, this fresh approach selects highlights and unique objects to capture the atmosphere within the Ground’s hallowed walls.  For cricket fans, A Portrait of Lord’s introduces cricket’s fascinating links to art and architecture, empire and class, spirit and society, connecting MCC, the Ground and the game to the wider world.

Chadwick hopes the book offers a different insight into the history of the Home of Cricket.

"The book consists of a lot of small stories about the buildings that have been built, the objects which have been collected, and the people who have played and worked here, which compiled together, present a rich tapestry of the bigger history of the Ground," he told Lord's TV.

"The imagery within the book is one of the things that I am most pleased about. The publishers, Scala, have done an excellent job in reproducing some beautiful illustrations to accompany the text.

"Overall, I think the book is surprising and simultaneously evocative, which I believe really gives people a fantastic insight into 200 years of cricket history at Lord’s."

A Portrait of Lord’s is the first book about the Lord’s collections for 25 years.  It contains fresh photography of a wealth of recent acquisitions and commissions, enhanced by new research as well as contributions by Andrew Strauss, Andy Flower, Glenn McGrath, Angus Fraser and Nick Compton, who each provide a personal reflection on the Ground.

Chadwick's portrait of Lord's

Adam Chadwick has been Curator of Collections at Marylebone Cricket Club since October 2003.  In that time he has accompanied the Ashes Urn to Australia, pioneered a landmark exhibition in the USA, consulted on the new Indian Museum of Cricket, established the Lord’s Portrait Project and initiated the MCC magazine.

A Portrait of Lord’s is published in time for the 2013 Ashes Series and in anticipation of the bicentenary of the Ground in 2014. It will be on sale from the Lord's Shop.

Hardback, £35, 248 x 200mm, 288 pages, 245 illustrations, ISBN: 9781857598292

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