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English gentlemen at Lord's

English gentlemen at Lord's

Leading menswear designers were at Lord's for the first ever fashion installation to take place at the Home of Cricket.

The bespoke tailors of Savile Row, along with London’s best shirt makers and hatters, were given the privilege of showing their latest designs in the Lord's Long Room and Pavilion.

The presentation, inspired by cricket and English summer dressing, is a reminder of the fact that London is the world capital of masculine style, and has been for over two centuries.

"It's a celebration of all things cricket, but also of Savile Row tailoring and the St James shoemakers and shirt makers," Anda Rowland, Director at Anderson & Sheppard, told Lord's TV.

"So it's really about classic men's dressing and the idyllic of life in the Lord's Pavilion."

MCC Young Cricketer Zain Shahzad, who is currently sidelined from cricketing duty due to an injury, was one of six MCC YCs who took part in the show.

They were decked in old-fashioned cricket jumpers and white trousers and spent the afternoon posing on the Pavilion benches.

"We don't feel different, apart from the make-up everything's the same," the 21-year-old joked in relation to their attire.

Fashion expert and cricket commentator Katie Walker said that English style, particularly cricketing, set plenty of trends on the continent.

"They all dress like the English, so they might not know that there are six balls in an over and they certainly wouldn't know what a twelfth man was, but they would be very familiar with the cricket cable knit jumper."  

The installation took four months to organise and was attended by designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, while TV presenter Dermot O'Leary and Olympic gymnast Louis Smith were both welcomed to the event.

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