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Gatting unveils 3D model of Lord's

Gatting unveils 3D model of Lord's

A new 3D model of Lord’s has been unveiled by MCC President Mike Gatting.

Explore the interactive 3D Model on

The model is an interactive 3D timeline which charts the history of the current Lord’s Ground from its beginnings in 1814 up to its current status as an iconic sporting venue.

Drawing on archive material, charts and architectural plans, a team of 3D artists and animators created the model that brings the Ground’s history to life and highlights Lord’s international significance as the ‘Home of Cricket’.

Through the use of facts, images and world events, the timeline places Lord’s in the context of the last 200 years in a two-minute presentation.

Lord's 3D model timeline

The model was unveiled at the MCC Bicentenary launch event on a 65-inch touchscreen in the MCC Museum. The event saw over 200 guests including MCC Members, commercial partners and local residents in attendance.

The current Lord’s Cricket Ground is its third incarnation.

The first ever match played at 'Lord’s Cricket Ground' came in 1787 when businessman Thomas Lord staged a game between Middlesex and Essex at a newly built ground in what was then known as Dorset Fields.

To see the entire history of the current Lord’s ground be summarised so succinctly and entertainingly is incredible

By 1811, MCC had moved to a new ground in the Eyre Estate of St John’s Wood.

This ground proved unpopular but when plans emerged for the Regent’s Canal to be built straight through it, Thomas Lord gratefully accepted compensation and moved the ground to its current location in 1814.

The 3D model charts the progress of Lord’s and illustrates how various construction work has been effected by its famous slope. The timeline also highlights the recent modernisation of some aspects of the ground in the last 20 years, including the construction of the J.P. Morgan Media Centre in 1999 and the floodlights in 2009.

MCC President Mike Gatting said: “MCC is absolutely delighted with the 3D model of Lord’s. It will remain in our museum so the tens of thousands visitors we welcome each year will be able to enjoy it.

“To see the entire history of the current Lord’s ground be summarised so succinctly and entertainingly is incredible and I take my hat off to the MCC staff and the team at Territory design agency who created it.

“It’s a brilliant way for MCC to mark the bicentenary of this fantastic ground in its current form, and I hope that everyone with an interest in cricket takes the time to enjoy the history of Lord’s with this 3D model.”

The 3D model of Lord's can be enjoyed on

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