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Stephen Fry voices new Laws animations

Young cricket fan Tommy stars in the animations
Young cricket fan Tommy stars in the animations

MCC has released five new animations explaining some of cricket’s more intricate Laws, voiced by Stephen Fry.

The videos, brought to life by writer, comedian and actor Fry, detail five Laws of the game including what happens if a batsman hits the ball twice or obstructs the field.

Another of the videos shows a player deliberately damaging the pitch and describes his potential punishment, and another shows how to run out a batsman if the wicket is already broken.

The final video shows what constitutes a batsman being out of his ground in a run out or stumping scenario.

As with the previous five animations which were launched on the Lord’s YouTube Channel last year, these videos will also be reproduced with both Hindi and Urdu dubbing.

MCC Head of Cricket, John Stephenson, said: "To the uninitiated, the Laws of cricket can be hard to follow, which is why we continue to produce these animations.

"As the Guardians of the Laws and Spirit of the game, MCC believes it is vital to teach children and adults of all nationalities how to play the game hard but fair, and these animations are the perfect way to do that.

"Of course having such a recognisable voice as Stephen Fry’s describing the Laws complete the package, and I’m sure they will prove very popular."

Laws of cricket with Stephen Fry - full series

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