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New cricket game in MCC Museum

Throwmotion is now in the MCC Museum
Throwmotion is now in the MCC Museum

Visitors to the MCC Museum can now play their own mini T20 match on a new web-connected cricket table game which forms part of the ‘Century of Cricket Games’ exhibition.

Created by California-based technology company, ThrowMotion, ‘Cricket Live!’ brings cricket to the table-top in a physical format with full three-dimensional ball dynamics.

The game, in which a multi-axis batsman faces a bowler who can change the length and line of a delivery, or add spin, is designed to reflect the future of digitally connected physical games.

For every ball that’s bowled, a variety of measurements are recorded including ball speed, runs, wickets and hit direction.

Strategically placed infrared light sensors detect how fast each ball is bowled, how hard balls are hit, and where they’re hit.

The sensors feed into an Android-based tablet app that provides automatic scoring, stadium sound effects, and ball-by-ball commentary.

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An accompanying phone app allows users to log into any ThrowMotion game table to track their scores and stats, and to view ball-by-ball updates on games in progress.

Charlotte Goodhew, MCC Collections Manager, said: “We wanted to give visitors a ‘hands-on’ opportunity to play an innovative game that reflects the nuances of the sport.

"Our exhibit is designed to portray the past and the future of cricket games, and ThrowMotion’s Cricket Live! game fits in perfectly with this theme.”

The MCC Museum’s 'Century of Cricket Games' exhibit started in March 2016 and focused on twentieth century cricket board, card, and dice games.  

The second phase of the exhibit, launched in March 2017, covers interactive cricket games, including video games.

The MCC Museum can be seen as part of the Lord's Tour.


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