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Welcome to Menorca

The beautiful Menorca Cricket Club
The beautiful Menorca Cricket Club

Team bonding began in earnest at the Gatwick Hilton from about 6:00pm on Tuesday 7 September with MCC Cricket co-ordinator Moira Comfort taking the first award of MVP as she arrived with a huge box of clothing. 

By 8pm the stragglers had joined the group followed by the usual chorus of ‘I’m not sharing with him, am I?’

An early start to the airport and lots of fun with the oversize baggage saw us join Flight ZB762 which seemed overcrowded with babies and toddlers – whatever happened to watching television? – and dropped us with a significant bump (no pun intended) into Mahon Airport.

Welcome to Menorca. With just a short time to check in and moan about room partners again, we were ready to set off to Menorca CC.

The ground which appeared before us was an absolute picture and a credit to everyone at the Menorca CC. 

The game itself saw MCC challenged by lack of familiarity with the pitch.

A cautious beginning was anchored by Aberdeen (Angus – the intellectual rigour of choosing nicknames surfaces yet again) who was a spectator as (Will WD) played a sweep shot just wide of his left eye and was encouraged by the home paramedic to leave the field for treatment.

As the side left the field at the end of the game, he was seen to be well on the road to recovery.

The game continued with a steady acceleration of both wickets and runs until Hutch joined Aberdeen and upped the pace with a bevy (pun intended) of well-stroked boundaries and potential singles.

His comment to Aberdeen to risk some tight runs was capped with quote of the day when he added, ‘Still, I suppose you are running into the wind.’ Despite the wind, the innings closed on 123.

Menorca’s reply began in the best/worst possible way at 0/1 after one ball thanks to Hutch’s devastating banana ball. Inside knowledge of the Kookaburra, no doubt.

By the time Hutch and Hightower had both completed their four overs the host team were struggling at 23/4.

Enter skipper Simon Cotton, supported by our skipper’s declaration bowling, to flail some big blows, several of them out of the ground, to give Menorca a fighting chance before the Packman cleaned up the tail with the hosts 20 adrift.

It was then necessary in the true spirit of the game to share a few beers with our hosts and sample the products of the outstanding barbecue.

These are elements of the game in which this MCC team truly excels. Many thanks to everyone Menorca CC for their excellent hospitality, with a special mention for the ladies who kept the refreshments flowing. We look forward to the next game.

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