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Derek Brewer at Lord's
30 Oct 2012

End of season report

When I wrote to you all in July, on the subjects of Ground Development and our Strategic Plan, I promised to provide a further update in the Autumn. I have also received a number of requests from Members to provide a review of the 2012 season.

24 Oct 2012

Inside the World Cricket committee

The MCC World Cricket committee has announced that its next meeting will take place in New Zealand in February 2013.

01 Oct 2012

Mike Griffith becomes MCC President

Mike Griffith has succeeded Phillip Hodson and has begun his one-year tenure as President of MCC.

28 Sep 2012

Griffith praises 'tireless' Hodson

MCC President Mike Griffith has praised the efforts of his 'tireless' predecessor Phillip Hodson, as the former's reign gets underway.

13 Sep 2012

Bakewell inducted to ICC Hall of Fame

Enid Bakewell, one of England's finest female cricketers and MCC Honorary Life Member, will be inducted to the ICC Hall of Fame on Saturday.

20 Aug 2012

Hitting our testing target

All of you who have managed to see the Test in person or on television, will, I hope, have been pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the Ground.

10 Aug 2012

An extraordinary few weeks

The last couple of weeks have been, in every sense of the word, extraordinary. Whether it’s been the South Koreans dishing out their flag to all nationalities outside the East Gate, The Clash booming out over the PA system, or the floods of smiling volunteers who descended on Lord’s, the Olympics has certainly made its mark.

07 Aug 2012

Strong turnout for WCC

Debutants Michael Vaughan, Charlotte Edwards and Rod Marsh are among those attending the latest meeting of MCC's World Cricket committee meeting at Lord's.

01 Jul 2012

Edwards and Taylor made Life Members

MCC has awarded Honorary Life Membership to the two pre-eminent England Women batsmen of the modern era – Charlotte Edwards and Claire Taylor.

25 Jun 2012

The SGM and the Spirit of Cricket

I have now had my feet under the desk long enough to venture out into the world of blogging on the Online Pavilion. I know it’s something Keith did that was appreciated by Members, and I hope it proves to be a useful way to me to communicate with you on top of letters, emails, and, of course, in person.

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