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14 Nov 2018

MCC announces intended changes to Law 41.7

MCC today announced that it has amended Law 41.7, the Law which concerns the bowling of dangerous and unfair non-pitching deliveries (beamers).

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08 Nov 2018

Law Blog: 360 spinner - clever or distraction?

MCC has been asked for comment on the 360 degree twirl in the run up of Uttar Pradesh's left-arm spinner Shiva Singh during an U23 match in India recently. 


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24 Aug 2018

Law Blog: Caught AND Hit wicket! How was Steve Smith out?

MCC's Laws of Cricket Advisor Jonny Singer clarifies the strange dismissal of Steve Smith in the Caribbean Premier League.

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26 Mar 2018

MCC responds to Australia ball tampering admission

MCC, the Guardian of the Laws and Spirit of Cricket, has responded to the admission of ball tampering by senior Australia players, including the captain. 


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18 Jan 2018

Laws Blog: Was Pillay right to be dismissed?

MCC's Laws of Cricket Advisor Jonny Singer clarifies the dismissal of South Africa batsman Jiveshan Pillay in the ICC U19 World Cup.


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03 Jan 2018

Laws Blog: Dead ball or Renegades blunder?

MCC's Laws of Cricket Advisor Jonny Singer investigates a controversial incident that occurred in the Women's Big Bash League on Wednesday morning. 


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07 Dec 2017

Sundaram Ravi appointed to MCC's Laws sub-committee

MCC have announced that Sundaram Ravi has been appointed to the Club’s Laws sub-committee.


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17 Nov 2017

Laws Blog: Should Knight have been given out?

MCC's Laws of Cricket Advisor Jonny Singer takes a look at a controversial dismissal during Australia's T20 international Ashes victory over England last Friday. 


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18 Oct 2017

Not against the Law, not against the Spirit

Jonny Singer explores the controversial dismissal of Mohammad Irfan which left WAPDA captain Salman Butt questioning the spirit of the game. 

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06 Oct 2017

Deceiving the batsman

Last week saw the first example of a player being penalised under the revised Law 41.5: 'Deliberate distraction, deception or obstruction of batsman' in the recently active 2017 Code of Laws.   

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