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MCC in Cyprus: Winning to a close

MCC are on tour in Cyprus
MCC are on tour in Cyprus

After yet another comprehensive victory, the club were cordially invited to the sergeants' mess for an evening of light dining and parlour games.

Proceedings began with eloquent speeches performed by our fearless leaders Matt 'Joe's dad' Root and Jolyon 'the pool clearer' Griffiths.

Thanks were given, jokes were shared and in the words of Rob 'danger' Jones the chat was 'surprisingly witty'.

As the applause drew to a close and the laughter died down, the reins were swiftly passed to our master of ceremony Andrew Woodward.

It is fair to say that 'Woody' is not a natural extrovert, but under pressure to perform our rose began to blossom.

To get things under way the club engaged in some lively party games with their hosts, the highlight of which was watching the boss open a bottle of champagne with a trowel (on the fourth attempt).

MCs for the evening, Benny and Wilko, entertained with a brief history of Cyprus, before the time came to dish out the 'fines'.

On such a victorious tour it is hard to find fault with the on field performances. Fortunately, the number of comedy characters in the squad gave 'Woody' a fair amount of ammunition.

Not since the Turkish invasion of 1974 has Tom Savill witnessed such carnage, as drinks were imbibed like water and insults were dished out like confetti.

A good time was had by all and as 'Hero Henderson' consumed the final beverage, the chaps headed into town to sample the local entertainment led by local legend Tim Smith.

With slightly sore heads, and Cypriot paracetamol sales at an all the time high, club members rose early ready for a day of relaxation and structured beach games.

Harking back to the days of Douglas Jardine, the lads divided themselves into the players and the gentlemen and proceeded to demonstrate why cricketers are renowned for their athleticism....

As the tour draws to a close, and this writer muses by the pool, all that remains is to enjoy the last supper, travel home and part our various ways.

Although the majority of the party were unknown to each other barely a week ago, it feels as though some life long friendships have been formed in the last few days.

This in itself is a testament to not only the marvellous nature of all 15 tour members, but also MCC, and the Spirit of Cricket!

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