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Making a replica Ashes Urn

Join Lord's TV in the heart of the world-renowned Potteries as we discover how our replica Ashes Urns are made, in the same style as the famous original.

Andrew Graham of I.C. Printing Ltd guides you through the fascinating process from start to finish, illustrating the intricate and traditional technique which goes behind each replica Ashes Urn.

Watch: The making of an Ashes urn

Graham shows Lord's TV how and where the Urns are cast, before the process moves back to his own studio to be hand-painted and fired in a kiln at scorching temperatures three times.

Replica Ashes Urn - in numbers

  •     1 - week which it takes to produce a replica, from start to finish
  •     800 - degrees centigrade at which the painted Urns are 'fired' at
  •     7 - hours they spend in the kiln, on three occasions

MCC produces two replica Urns for public sale (opens in a new window). In addition to the Urn itself, each satin-lined presentation box is handmade by a specialist manufacturer in Sheffield. Inlaid to the lid of each box is the story of the Urn that features the Sporting Times’ obituary of English cricket.

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