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WCC nerves

WCC nerves

"It's not long until my first appearance at the MCC World Cricket committee and I'm both nervous and excited.

"Just looking at the names of people on the list and seeing all those legendary names is daunting. My childhood hero Steve Waugh is on the committee so he's the guy I'd probably most like to sit next too - though I'm quite shy so it might mean I don't say anything during the meeting!

"I hope to contribute and I think I have a fair bit to say. There aren't many current players on the committee so I'm in a good position to comment on things like the new regulations in ODI cricket, which we also play under as women.

"Hopefully women's cricket will also be discussed because it's an exciting time for us. Clare Connor has commented recently on the importance of T20 cricket in marketing the women's game and making it more financially viable.

"As players I think we're all aware that T20 cricket is important for the game. The atmosphere and attention the T20 matches against India got this year shows that people are interested and excited to watch us in that format of the game.

"I'm a purist and would love to be playing more Test cricket - hopefully when we play the Ashes series next year we can get people excited about that format of the game as well. But I completely understand how the game is developing and it's another issue which I feel I can contribute to with the WCC.

"On the field we've had time to reflect on the 3-2 comeback win over India. Though we obviously set out trying to win 5-0, looking back it was quite good for us to lose a couple of matches. Having not lost for a while, it was good to see how we performed under pressure and that made the win ever more pleasing.

"It was nice to see youngsters such as Georgia Elwiss coming through and doing so well early in her career. I had some success straight after coming into the team and it just makes you feel a part of the set-up from the word go.

"We've also announced the 30-player squad for the ICC World T20 this September. Looking at the list it shows how much depth we have in the women's game in this country.

"It's a real reflection on the work which goes into schemes like the MCC Women's Young Cricketers and the ECB Academy. There are some really strong names on the list of YCs, like Sarah Taylor and Danni Wyatt, and you can see their obvious progress from working with England Coach Mark Lane day-in, day-out. It bodes well for the future."

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