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Greig's spirited speech

Greig's spirited speech

"In his excellent MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture, Tony Greig had some strong words to say about India.

"He asserted that most of cricket’s problems can be addressed if India invokes and adheres to the Spirit of Cricket. He is optimistic that India will lead cricket by acting in the interests of all countries rather than just for India.

"However he also suggests that Lord Woolf’s key recommendations for ICC, which involve the boards of the Test-playing countries giving up some of their power, and indeed their money, in the interests of cricket as a whole, are unrealistic, since they would be the “equivalent of the United States, Russia etc giving up their vetoes in the Security Council, or the House of Lords voting itself out of existence”.

Watch: MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture 2012 - Part 1

"By contrast, India is expected to vote against its narrow interests in limiting its use of the political influence that goes along with its financial clout, in (for example) its attitude to the Decision Review System, in its attitude to the corruption rumoured to be hanging over IPL.

"My own view is that India should indeed voluntarily follow Greig’s advice; but so too should the other countries in relation to the Woolf Report.

"If administrators rightly require players to play according to the Spirit of Cricket, which includes accepting the rough with the smooth, playing for the team, and putting cricket first, then so should they themselves."

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