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WCC video, NZ and more

WCC video, NZ and more

"I’m pleased to announce that the next meeting of the World Cricket committee will take place in New Zealand next February.

"Amongst the aims of our committee is to visit the main cricket playing countries, and New Zealand is one which we are yet to experience. It’s the perfect opportunity with England playing there in early 2013. Generally, we look to combine meetings with some ongoing international cricket, partly because many of our members are also involved with the media and also to ensure we can easily communicate our discussions to the public. I’m looking forward to it.

"On a more sombre note, I hope one of our longest serving members, the great New Zealand batsman, Marty Crowe, will be able to take a full part in the meeting after being diagnosed with lymphoma.

"I’ve spoken to Marty and he’s confident that the condition is eminently treatable. He’s a very positive figure and he’ll no doubt fight it vigorously and resolutely and do all the things he’s supposed to do to aid the process.

"I’m delighted that an informative video has been produced by Lord's TV about the WCC. We hope the film personalises the committee. You see people talking and interacting, which you don’t often get from press conferences and our other public interactions. We like to think of the committee as an eminent group of people, and it’s nice to let people have a glimpse of how things take shape in the meetings.

"I must also congratulate Anil Kumble on his appointment as head of the ICC’s Cricket Committee. We’re very pleased that one of our senior members has been given such an important role, and I’ve sent him an email wishing him well in the job. It’s excellent that an eminent recent India cricketer is doing that job. I hadn’t come across him before the WCC and needless to say I was a decade or two before his time as a player! But my impression is that he’s a very straightforward, intelligent thoughtful person, with a terrific reputation in world cricket. Good luck to him!"

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