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'People's Monday' a huge hit

For the fifth day of the England v India Test, MCC set low ticket prices with the aim to "fill the ground". More than 25,000 people turned up, some queueing from 2am, on 'People's Monday'.

Tickets for the fifth day of Tests at Lord's are never sold in advance. Instead MCC, led by Secretary and Chief Executive Keith Bradshaw, meet to set the prices based on how much cricket is left to play.

"We met on Sunday afternoon and we said 'Let's fill the Ground'". Bradshaw said after reflecting on a successful day for Lord's as well as England.

"The prices we set were £20 for adults; £10 for over-65s and free for those under 16.

"MCC has always said, for us, Test cricket comes first. We want new generations of cricket fans to appreciate this great game so, knowing it was the first day of the school holidays, we wanted as many young fans as possible to come and watch a Test at Lord's.

"What a day they had. Both teams were magnificent - it was a great advert for the game and we hope that those that came to Lord's on Monday will love the game as much as we do."

People's Monday

India fan, Bhavik Dodhia, left home at 5:30am to join the queue and visit Lord's for the first time and, despite the result, had a great day:

"It was a good experience - Lord's is the Home of Cricket. We came with some friends and sat right under the J.P. Morgan Media Centre.

"Sachin is always my favourite, whether he scores or not. Raina was brilliant - he almost saved it."

His friend, Abhishek Surve, added: "We got in within 15-20 minutes once the gates opened - it was very quick. I enjoyed the entire day.

"I've only lived in London for four months, for me this was something great. India came here to play cricket and I'm happy.

"I've watched cricket a lot in India but this [Lord's] is the best.

"I loved the England fans' songs: 'Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy Anderson!' it was a great atmosphere."

Reaching new fans

England fan, Jonathan, travelled down from Newmarket with his six-year-old daughter Georgina (who got in free), for her first taste of Test cricket:

"I was watching the @HomeOfCricket on Twitter and as soon as the news was announced for Monday, that's when we decided to come down - after checking the weather!

"It's a perfect thing to be able to do. The weather was going to be good and all three results were still possible as well.

"Georgina definitely wanted to go when I said about it, her favourite player is Kevin Pietersen. It was the first day of her holidays.

"We left home at half past five and joined the queue around quarter to eight. We joined the queue, for the East Gate, halfway down Wellington Road.

"We got in around ten past nine so it wasn't too bad. There was a lot of choice of where to sit, we sat in the Grand Stand about five rows back from the boundary.

"All the India supporters were going quite mad. They were cheering their team - it was all good natured.

"There were people sat either side of us who'd never been to Lord's before, never been to a Test match before. There were more in the queue."

Georgina is a definite convert to Test cricket. After hearing it was a four match series she asked her Dad: "Can we go every day?"

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