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Update on the plans to redevelop Lord’s

Please see below a letter sent a few moments ago to MCC Members from Club President, Mike Griffith.


From: M.G. Griffith, President of M.C.C.

To: All Members


Dear Member,

The M.C.C. Committee met yesterday afternoon, and I wanted to write once again to Full, Senior and Associate Members of the Club to provide an update on the plans to redevelop Lord’s.

Over many months, the Ground Working Party has been assessing, in detail, various plans to redevelop the Ground. The culmination of this work was the production of the Club’s Masterplan, which was presented at the A.G.M.

Members at the A.G.M. also heard from the Chief Executive & Secretary about a proposal from the Rifkind Levy Partnership (RLP), from whom the Club leases the strip of land at the Nursery End. One proposal was rejected by the Committee on 10th April; another was received in the week prior to the A.G.M. Members were advised that the Committee had not had an opportunity to assess this second proposal in detail but would do so as soon as possible after the Annual General Meeting.  

Yesterday, following a report from the Chief Executive & Secretary, which was compiled after a further meeting with Charles Rifkind from RLP, the Committee discussed the merits of this new RLP proposal. Although the new proposal was of a smaller scale than the first, it retained several problematic features which led the Committee to reject it, for four principal reasons:


  1. the visual and environmental impact would damage the character and ambience of Lord’s;
  2. it would lead to a loss of operational space essential for the running of the Ground on major match days;
  3. it would mean M.C.C. lost control of 10% of its estate to third parties; the Club would never be able to regain that control; and
  4. part of the Masterplan includes moving the Nursery Ground towards Wellington Road and therefore onto the leasehold land currently occupied by the Nursery Pavilion. 


The Committee intends to proceed, at pace, with the Masterplan. It is totally focused on ensuring Lord’s is in the most advantageous position possible to secure two Tests and two O.D.I.s in years where there are two touring teams. It believes that the Masterplan will enable the Club to attract these matches in the years ahead, and it is imperative now to press ahead with the first phases of the Masterplan and start making these much-needed improvements to the Ground.

Accordingly, the Ground Working Party has turned its attention to the first two phases of the Masterplan – which include the design of the Warner Stand. Members will hear from the Committee at each milestone, and will be asked to approve the first phase, upon receipt of planning approval, which is expected in the spring of 2014.  

It has been heartening to receive such a positive response from Members to the Masterplan, be it via email or in person at the excellent Test Match which the Club has just hosted. For those Members who have not yet had the opportunity to view the Club’s Masterplan film, you may do so by clicking here:


Yours sincerely,



M.G. Griffith

President, M.C.C.

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