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2017/18 Fixtures & Results

All England Lawn Tennis Club: 18th October, 2017 (Away)

Result: Lost (-26 imps)

Team:  G Lane (Capt.) & P Barua, M Alsford & T Lawrence, B Gilber & S Foster, M Brand & D Hill - stand-by: J Halpern

Cumberland Lawn Tennis Club: 25th October, 2017 (Home)

Result: Lost (-12 imps)

Team: G Meyer (Capt.) &  W Spencer, P Barua & M Brand, P Brent & M Stern, T Lawrence & H Laurance, - stand-by: M Green

Reform Club: 8th November, 2017 (Away)

Result: Lost (-18 imps)

Team: G Lane (Capt.) & P Barua, M Brand & N Freedman, E Black & B Black, R Cumming-Bruce & N Clayton - stand-by: I Landau

Lord's Taveners: 9th November, 2017 (Home)

Result: Lost (-78 imps)

Team: G Meyer (Capt.) & I Landau, R Tenzer & G Diamond, M Stern & S Alterman, B Goodwin & S Goodwin, B Ward-Lilley & M Green, I Engel & P Brent - stand-by: R Bourne

House of Lords: 22nd November, 2017 (Away)

Result: Lost (-2 imps)

Team: R Cumming-Bruce (Capt.) & J Pemberton, K Mann & J Marshall, G Meyer & C Dixson, R Challis & R Bourne - stand-by: G Diamond

Athenaeum Club: 23rd November, 2017 (Home)

Result: Won (+66 imps)

Team: M Alsford (Capt.) & N Clayton, M Brand & E Black, D Sharpe & G Cochran, D Alterman & K Mann - stand-by: G Lane

Royal Wimbledon Golf Club: 29th November, 2017 (Home)

Result: Won (+24 imps)

Team: R Tenzer (Capt.) & N Clayton, G Meyer & I Engel, M Bailey & S Alterman, S Goodwin & M Green - stand-by: G Lane

Oxford & Cambridge Club: 6th December, 2017 (Home)

Result: Lost (- 4 imps)

Team: S Alterman (Capt.) & T Lawrence, E Black & B Black, B Goodwin & S Goodwin, M Green & M Stern - stand-by: R Tenzer

Cam Bridge Circle: 11th January, 2018 (Away)

Result: Lost (- 86 imps)

Team: R Tenzer (Capt.) & G Diamond, M Alsford & N Freedman, Donald Sharpe & J Hoffman, G Lane & S Datt - stand-by: G Meyer

Highgate Golf Club: 25th January, 2018 (Away)

Result: Lost (- 34 imps)

Team: N Freedman (Capt.) & J Hoffman, E Black & S Datt, M Alsford & P Brent, B Ward-Lilley & J Halpern - stand-by: D Alterman

Hurlingham Club: 22nd February, 2018 (Home)

Team: B Goodwin (Capt.) & M Green, D Sharpe & C Dixon, R Bourne & I Engel, S Alterman & D Flint - stand-by: N Freedman

Result: Won (+38 imps)

R.A.C.: 28th February, 2018 (Away)

Team: M Alsford (Capt.) & N Clayton, P Brent & I Engel, G Diamond & R Tenzer, G Lane & R Cumming Bruce - stand-by: B Goodwin

Result: Won (+ 6 imps)

Queen's Club: 1st March, 2018 (Away)

Team: T Lawrance (Capt.) & N Freedman, E Black & C Dixon, T Southam & J Halpern, J Salter & M Pater - stand-by: C Dixon

Carlton Club: 7th March, 2018 (Home)

Team: G Lane (Capt.) & T Lawrence, G Hoffman & J Hoffman, S Foster & B Gilbert, I Landau & M Stern - stand-by: S Alterman

Result: Won (+ 29 imps)

Roehampton Club: 4th April, 2018 (Home)

Result: Lost (-12 imps)

Team: G Meyer (Capt.) & W Spencer, B Ward Lilley & B Goodwin, G Hoffman & J Hoffman, E Black & N Clayton - stand-by: I Engel

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