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Laws of Cricket animations

In October 2013, MCC released a first set of animations aimed to help young players, novices and casual fans develop a greater understanding of the Laws of Cricket.

The animations, which have been released in English, Hindi and Urdu, focus on five of the more complex and misunderstood aspects of the Laws – including LBW and running out the non-striker. 

It is the first time that the Club has portrayed the Laws in this way.

The actor, broadcaster and writer Stephen Fry, a well known cricket enthusiast and occasional umpire, brings his authoritative voice to the English narration, with Emmerdale actor Bhasker Patel and former Pakistan batsman Rameez Raja providing the oral wisdom to the Hindi and Urdu versions respectively. 

They are aided in their teaching endeavours by ‘Tommy’, an animated young cricketer who learns from the Law simulations – which take place on a blackboard.

The animations can be viewed on YouTube or in all three languages on this site - English, Hindi and Urdu.

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