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MCC in the Community

MCC Community’s mission is to use the power of MCC, Lord’s and cricket to positively impact people of all ages.

About Us

MCC believes that cricket is a game for everyone, and Lord’s is a Ground for all, and as custodians of Lord’s – The Home of Cricket – the Club recognises there is an opportunity to achieve these goals through increased access to the Ground. Lord’s can be a powerful asset for social change in the community and MCC is committed to using the Ground and its resources to help create more inclusive and equitable communities. MCC’s Community department is a dedicated part of the organisation which works exclusively towards these goals.

The department’s core area of focus is on Westminster's local community, partnering with charities to support the community in a wide variety of ways from social isolation to adult education.

Additionally, MCC extends its vision globally. The Community department works with MCC Foundation on overseas projects, bringing its coaching expertise to places such as refugee camps in Lebanon and cities in Japan in order to upskill coaches and improve players in burgeoning new cricket communities.

What We Do

Cricket in Schools

MCC envisions every Westminster state school child having the chance to play cricket consistently throughout their school journey.

Our primary school programme covers 95% of Westminster schools and uses highly qualified and experienced MCC coaches to creatively teach cricket skills with an emphasis on engagement and equal opportunities. Beyond PE, a 6-week 'Sportspersonship' initiative aligns with the 'Spirit of Cricket’, promoting values like respect, communication and fair play. Our Secondary School Programme includes after-school clubs, the MCC Foundation's Lord's Hub for intensive coaching, and local competitions. This ensures that young people in the borough are offered competitive opportunities to continue their sporting journey.

Cricket in the Community

Through creating programmes with community groups, youth clubs and charity partners, we use cricket and Lord’s as a way to enrich the lives of the people that live in Westminster.

We actively support local hubs such as North Paddington Youth Club in Maida Vale, providing weekly cricket activities, Lord’s trips, and post-session meals for young people. Partnering with Middlesex CCC and ECB, the team delivers the local ‘Allstars’ national programme for children aged 5-11. Collaboration with Westminster Council involves the HAF Support Programme, offering free activities and food during school holidays. Tailored sessions for disability classes at local colleges promote sports, mental health, and independent living skills. Partnerships with Sport for Confidence and St John’s Hospice cater to inclusive sports sessions and a sports-based program for bereaved children at Lord’s, fostering skill development and connections.

Learning at Lord's

The education programme utilises the wealth of resources available here at Lord’s to create a unique learning experience for students. The MCC community team developed the programme to connect with national curriculum-based aims and objectives. activities around the ground.  

During the 2021-23 school years, the MCC Community team implemented a new education program, engaging over 600 students from various schools. This initiative, consisting of series of educational workshops at Lord's, proved to be an invaluable resource for local schools and is now a part of our free community offer to schools. Additionally, in partnership with secondary schools and Universities, Lord’s organizes regular sports specific education and employment days, offering students insights from industry professionals and practical challenges, focussing on marketing and The Hundred.



Health & Wellbeing

Exercising, socialising and diet are key parts of promoting positive mental health in individuals. We have created a number of programmes which aim to combine these three elements to help improve participants health & wellbeing.

We have collaborated with mental health charity Mind to establish a comprehensive health and wellbeing programme for the local community. Led by experienced coaches and support workers, the sessions at Lord's Cricket Ground Indoor Centre emphasize physical activity, mental health, social connection, and healthy eating. The partnership with Mind extends to hosting annual events like World Mental Health Day, providing activities such as yoga, art sessions, and walking cricket.

Twice monthly reminiscence sessions for those with dementia, coffee mornings with Age UK, and weekly walking cricket sessions for older participants further demonstrate MCC’s commitment to fostering community, social inclusion, and mental health support.


Our work with local people aims to break down any barriers they might face in gaining employment here at Lord’s.

Through hosting ‘Mastering My Future’, Westminster’s flagship employability programme for young people, and developing our own programmes such as Level-up, we are actively engaging with the community to get local people working here at Lord’s and develop their skills to gain employment elsewhere.

Experiencing Lord’s

Being based here at Lord’s we are in the unique position of being able to offer people a once in a lifetime experience of getting on the main ground or being involved in a cricket match here at the home of cricket.

We run match day activation which involves young people accessing the pitch during a major match day and having the unforgettable experience of playing cricket here at Lord’s.




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