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Lord's Youth Girls Programme

Lord's Youth Girls Programme is a dynamic and holistic cricket experience designed to nurture and empower young female cricketers.

The programme will begin with a well-designed winter training programme, followed by a summer of fixtures against county teams and representative sides. Within the winter programme, we will cover the following areas.

These exercises not only enhance physical endurance but also hone those lightning-quick reflexes.

We're more than just a cricket team and through team-building activities, we forge bonds that go beyond the boundary ropes, creating a supportive and united team spirit.

Our commitment to excellence extends to every facet of the game. Hard ball fielding drills ensure that our players become the sharpest fielders in the game.

We harness the power of technology with batting drills featuring state-of-the-art machines and video analysis. This combination helps our budding batters perfect their strokes and timing.

Our bowlers receive expert guidance through drills enriched with video analysis. This ensures they develop the skills needed to outwit the opposition.

Practicing with a hard cricket ball is fundamental to mastering the game. Our net sessions replicate match conditions, allowing our players to sharpen their skills in a controlled environment.

We believe that learning can be fun. Our programme includes exciting competitions and challenges that not only test your skills but also keep the enjoyment alive in every practice session.

Every practice session is an opportunity to prepare for real match situations. Through game-based scenarios, we simulate the pressure and excitement of a live game.

Cricket is a game of strategy, and our coaches are dedicated to shaping not just cricketers but also cricketing strategists. Tactical discussions ensure that our players are mentally prepared for the season ahead.

Upon the conclusion of the winter program, we eagerly transition to our Summer Fixtures. This fixture list is meticulously designed to provide a genuine taste of competitive cricket. The girls that are selected will step onto the field not merely as players but as proud representatives of our program, ready to compete against county teams and representative squads. These fixtures offer a platform for our players to showcase their skills, learn from experienced competitors, and evolve as cricketers.

The Lord’s Youth programme is aimed at girls from the age of 11-17. To embark on this transformative cricketing journey with us, please click on the following link. 

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