The Masterplan

MCC’s Masterplan for the redevelopment of Lord’s will improve facilities through phases, whilst allowing the Ground to continue to be operational.

The Future of Lord's

MCC’s Masterplan for the redevelopment of Lord’s was unveiled in 2013.

The plan sets out to improve facilities through phases, whilst allowing the Ground to continue to be operational.

The Masterplan will preserve the character of the Ground, through an evolving scheme which will reflect the Club’s priorities and needs, financial circumstances and the changing landscape of the game.

The development of the Ground is essential to continue to be successful in an increasingly competitive environment and to host major matches. An aspiration of the Masterplan is to increase operational efficiency and thereby improving the spectator experience.


- MCC Chief Executive & Secretary Guy Lavender

The Warner Stand


The first phase of the Masterplan was completed in 2017 with the construction of the new Warner Stand, built in the two off-seasons from 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. The stand was designed by Populous Architects.
Reasons for Development
  • To decrease the number of restricted view seats. While it is impossible to eliminate all restricted view seats in a stadia formed with individual stands, opposed to a circular stadium, the new Warner Stand was designed to reduce restricted view seats from approximately 600 in the old stand to around 100 in the new stand.
  • There was a significant need to improve the match-control and officials’ facilities in order to continue to be awarded and host major matches.
The new Warner Stand
  • There are 2,656 seats on two tiers on a steeper gradient than the previous stand, greatly improving sightlines.
  • A new match-control room and match officials’ facility which exceeds ICC and ECB standards.
  • More integrated amenities within the stand, including a pitch facing restaurant, three bars and catering facilities.
  • The retractable floodlight was relocated and integrated within the stand, to reduce the visual impact of the mast.
  • Improved access with inclusive facilities for spectators and a greater provision of seats for those with accessibility needs. Wheelchair positions and amenity seating accounts for 4% of the overall capacity, significantly exceeding best practice and standard requirements.
  • Ground-source heat pumps collects and recycles water, providing water heating and cooling for temperature control, and photovoltaic roof panels to generate electricity.
  • Living “green” walls to the rear elevation create a garden wall effect.
  • A large basement accommodates for waste sorting and storage.
  • A semi-translucent fabric roof is supported by cantilevered oak beams, providing both shade and a high degree of natural light – the style of roof is the first of its kind in the country, using advanced timber technology and a preference for using sustainable, replaceable materials in architecture.

The new Warner Stand was opened by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh on 3rd May2017. It won an IPC IAKS Distinction Award for accessible sports facilities in November 2019.

The Compton & Edrich Stands


In 2017 MCC Members voted to develop the Ground from the Club’s own resources without recourse to enabling residential development. The Club continued with plans for the second phase of the Masterplan redeveloping the Compton & Edrich Stands, designed by two-time Stirling Prize winners WilkinsonEyre.

In January 2019, MCC were granted permission by Westminster City Council to construct the two new three-tier stands.

Reasons for Development
  • To vastly improve the sightlines and drastically reduce the amount of restricted view seats, while increasing the capacity by 2,000.

  • There is a requirement to provide wheelchair positions and amenity seats – the designs include these accessible seats at all levels of the stands.
  • Along with accessible seating, there is a need to provide toilets and changing facilities for spectators with accessibility needs.
  • To incorporate food and beverage and washroom facilities within the stands.
  • To improve the crowd circulation at the back of the stands.
The new Compton & Edrich Stands
  • Construction of the new stands is scheduled to start in late August 2019 and be completed for the 2021 season. The majority of the build will be carried out during the off-season, and be completely halted for major matches.

  • The three-tier stands will accommodate around 11,500 members of the public with a connecting walkway between the two stands overlooking the Nursery Ground – this will enable spectators to move between the stands aiding circulation.

East Gate Building


The third phase of the development will concentrate on the East Gate area of the Ground

This will involve creating an East Gate Building, incorporating office space, a new Lord’s Shop, as well as hospitality and catering facilities.

Nursery Ground


With the East Gate Building accommodating hospitality facilities, the existing temporary structure of the Nursery Pavilion will be demolished and the Nursery Ground playing area will be extended up to the Wellington Road wall.

The South-Western Project


The South-Western Project entails replacing the Tavern and Allen Stands, a new Thomas Lord Building and Tavern pub, and a reorganization of the Pavilion and Memorial Building.

Originally conceived as the second phase of the Masterplan, planning consent was granted for the scheme in 2016. Subsequently a financial analysis was undertaken which illustrated the benefits of developing the Nursery End first.

A five-year planning consent was received from Westminster, and MCC are required to make a material start to construction within this period.

Reasons for development
  • To improve facilities in the Tavern and Allen Stand, including accessibility seats, passenger lifts, catering and washroom facilities.

  • To increase the capacity of Members’ stands by 1,082 seats.

  • Improve back of house operations and waste management.

  • New staff offices and a reception, improving the operational efficiency and security.

The South Western-Project Plans
  • A single structure will replace the existing individual Tavern and Allen Stands, with the design incorporating 5,200 seats.

  • A new Thomas Lord Building will have a street-facing reception, banqueting suite and MCC staff offices.

  • A new Tavern pub opening onto the Harris Garden, as well as onto the street.

  • Enhancement of the Grace Gate area.

  • A new Harris Garden Building with a bar facing onto the Harris Garden, with additional dressing rooms.

  • Reorganisation of the players’ facilities in the Pavilion, enlarging the dressing room, and incorporating space for team management and a players’ gym.

  • A basement to enable vehicle deliveries, removing the need to use the Grace Gate area.

  • Relocating the floodlight, as in the new Warner Stand, incorporating the mast within the stand. 

North Gate


The last phase of the Masterplan will be focused on the North Gate area of the Ground, improving the Groundsmen amenities and the ticketing facilities.