How to Join

How to become a member of the historic Marylebone Cricket Club.

Candidates for MCC membership

All Candidates for MCC membership must be proposed, seconded and sponsored by Full (or Senior) Members of MCC.

Each application then needs to be endorsed by either: a current Member of the MCC Committee; a current member of an MCC sub-committee; or a current Area Representative appointed by the MCC Committee to assist in the organisation of its out-match playing programme.

In total, therefore, four MCC Members need to support a person's nomination for membership of the Club.

All Candidates must be aged at least sixteen before being nominated.

Playing and Out-Match Candidates

In the case of Playing and Out-Match Candidates, one of the endorsements - or, if preferred, another Full Member - must support the Candidate's ability as a cricketer on his/her proposal form.

Playing Members need to be aged between 16 and 40, and are required to appear in a minimum number of MCC matches spread across two consecutive years.

The Sub-Committee will not usually accept any applicant under 19 years of age or over 35 years of age. However, candidates between 16 and 19 years of age should not be deterred from applying, the form should be submitted in the manner outlined, as the Club's rules permit consideration to those under the age of 19.  Similarly, Candidates over 40 may be considered, given good reason.

Out-Match Members also need to be aged between 16 and 40, and while they are expected to appear in the same number of MCC matches over the two-year period, they do not receive the right to watch matches at Lord's so, accordingly, pay a lower annual subscription.

Please note that we will only consider applications from those who can demonstrate that they have played club cricket to a sufficient standard in the past two years. Applicants who cannot demonstrate this may not receive a reply to their application.


Registration Fee

All Candidates are required to pay a registration fee before their names are entered into the Club's books.

This registration fee is deducted from the entrance fee which is payable if the Candidate is elected as a Full Member of the Club.

Associate Membership

With a waiting list of approximately twenty-nine years, successful candidates will be given an opportunity to become an Associate Member before becoming a Full Member of MCC.

While Associate Members will not have the same rights as a Full Member, they will have the right to attend selected matches at Lord’s alongside a number of other benefits.

It is not possible at the outset to apply for Associate membership, as it is offered only to Candidates whose names have already been registered on to the waiting list for Full membership.

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