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World Cricket committee

Established in April 2006, MCC’s World Cricket committee is an independent body comprised of current and former international cricketers and umpires from across the globe.

Meeting twice yearly to discuss the prevalent issues in the game, MCC’s World Cricket committee acts as a complementary body to ICC and its constituent nations. Mike Brearley is the current Chairman of the committee.

The MCC World Cricket committee last met in Mumbai on 6 and 7 December.

Its key findings were:

  • Bat size edges and depths set to be limited at 40mm and 67mm respectively
  • Sending off in cricket close to inclusion in Laws of Cricket for first time
  • Ball tampering Law will not be changed
  • Committee split on possibility of introducing four-day Test Matches
  • ICC urged to continue to work towards introducing a World Test Championship and presenting the case for cricket at the Olympic Games
  • Law on ball striking a fielder’s worn helmet to be changed


The next meeting will take place at Lord's in July.

All Members have been invited to sit on the committee because of their involvement in playing, administering, writing or broadcasting on the game:

The committee is empowered to conduct research, particularly into technological advances and bio-mechanical elements of the game and its players. MCC supports this work with its increasing investment into research and development.

The aims of MCC’s World Cricket committee are:

  • to debate all matters in the interests of cricket and cricketers;
  • to consider at all times the balance of the contest between bat and ball and to assist MCC's custodianship of the Laws of the Game;
  • to protect the Spirit of Cricket; and
  • to be sure that governing body decisions never put cash or country interests before the good of the game.

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