Eton v Harrow

Having played since 1805 Eton and Harrow will meet in one of the longest-running annual sporting fixtures in the world.

Match Details

Start time: 11.00

Format: 55 overs per side

Lunch: 13.00

Tea: taken with 25 overs remaining of the second innings

Team News


1.            A.S. Karpe (Amogh)

2.            A.M. Varman (Aryaman) - captain

3.            I.A.M. Duguid (Alex)

4.            M.D.L. Landale (Ottie) – wicket keeper

5.            J.J. Edsberg (Jago)

6.            L.J. Weir (Luke)

7.            L.A. Hope (Luke)

8.            H.G.J. Lewis (Henry)

9.            O.J.K. Erith (Orlando)

10.         J.J.B. Andreae (Jackson)

11.         J.R. Sparrow (Jack)      



1.            J. S. Madan (Jay)

2.            D. P. Rawal (Dylan) - wicket keeper 

3.            C. P. Nelson (Charlie)- captain

4.            J. A. Nelson (Jack)

5.            H. O. C. Macdonald (Henry)

6.            C. J. Baker (Caspar)

7.            H. P. W. Snow (Henry)

8.            E. Faheem (Eesa)

9.            K. Y. B. Niyarepola (Kalan)

10.         J. O. J. Felton (James)

11.         C. O. Hope (Charlie)


Umpires: Duncan Forbes & Neil Richards

Scorers: Shaunak Harit & Paul Readman


Listen Now  

Andrew Miles (Eton)

Kerrith Davies (Eton)

Dan Escott (Harrow)

James Melville (Harrow)

Will Hobbs

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